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Depiction of Blood Pressure measurement

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n the market, most of the blood pressure measurement products are based on inflatable cuffs. However for blood pressure measurement, users first have to spend several minutes stabilizing breathing and keep their sitting posture still at the same time. Due to the inconvenience of the big size of apparatus, the convenience of applying is also greatly decreased. ZoeTek already possesses the technologies of embedding our blood pressure algorithms in wearable devices and is cooperating with famous brand companies to realize the measurements of cuff-free blood pressure meter. This innovative approach has already been recognized by the industries, and has begun commercialization.

Principle of Blood Pressure Measurement

Figure 4. Depiction of Photoplethysmogram (PPG) and PPG wave

The measurement is calculated with the time difference between R wave of ECG and Photoplethysmogram (PPG) wave. The transmission rate of EMG signals is faster than blood, so we can measure blood pressure through calculating the time difference in between and then by feature extraction and computing.