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lgorithm of Dynamic Heart Rate (DHR)

Depiction of DHR Measurement

It will bring huge challenges when the wearing positions of optical heart rate monitor are different on body. The wearing positions of most optical heart rate detector on the current market are the following three positions:

A. Ears (Earbud headphones)

B. Arms (on upper or lower position)

C. Wrist (smart watches or fitness track wristbands)

ZoeTek’s algorithm has already embedded DHR in wearable devices and breaks the general limit of static heart rate.

Principle of DHR algorithm:

Through removing the external interference to heart rate algorithm such as walking, running, daily activities and general sports, we can measure the accurate heart rate. ZoeTek’s algorithm can be applied to the physiology measurement of active state and integrate with other functions to get more complete data on basis of active state of bodies.