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About  us

     Zoetek is a startup incubated in the Innovation and Incubation Center in National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT).

We make efforts in coding to improve various physiological signal algorithms in order to broaden the application areas of our

outstanding wearable devices. Our algorithms are mainly consisted of the following five categories:


(1) Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement:

     In the existing market, most of the blood pressure measurement products are designed with traditional cuffs as measurement

devices. With these cuff-type measurement products, the size is substantially larger than wearable devices, and users need to spend

a couple of minutes to maintain breathing with a sitting posture for measurement. This thus results in considerable inconvenience

to users. To remedy this issue, we have integrated blood pressure algorithm into wearable devices to allow users to continuously

measure blood pressure everywhere. 


(2) Reflected Blood Oxygen Measurement:    

     Currently the traditional way to measure blood oxygen is based on penetrating photoplethysmography which requires users’

stable posture and thus causes inconvenience. Besides, if users polish their nails, the accuracy of the measurement results will be

affected. To overcome the defects mentioned above, we utilize reflect-optical method to detect blood oxygen concentration. 

Our reflected blood oxygen measurement wearable devices not only can be used in normal housing but also can be used in outdoor

activities such as mountain climbing.


(3) High-precision Dynamic Heart Rate Measurement:

     For people who love to exercise, it is usually highly desirable to monitor their dynamic heart rate when exercising and then adjust

the exercise strength accordingly. Our integrated physiological algorithm can support high-precision dynamic heart rate

measurement to meet the exercise lover’s need.


(4) Fatigue/Emotion Indexes Measurement:

     Heart rate variability (HRV) stands for the variability of human heartbeats that can be used to identify the activity of autonomic

nervous system and subsequently the state of fatigue and emotion. Zoetek keeps upgrading the algorithm for its accuracy of

measuring fatigue and trying to integrate other algorithms to maximize its application in the market.


(5) Activity Amount Measurement: 

     Walking, especially 10,000 steps a day, has been considered an effective way for fitting in our daily life. With our activity amount

measurement algorithm, users can continuously monitor their paces of walking/running during exercise.


     Zoetek’s techniques are originated from our own research results. So far we have already obtained 15 patents in various

countriessuch as Taiwan, China, Japan and Germany. Beside these 15 patents, many of our technologies have also been patent

pending and under investigation.