About us.


About us.

Zoetek Inc. is a startup company established with the key technology of the National Taipei University of Science and Technology Medical Engineering Laboratory and funded by the Alumni of NTUT. Focusing on medical devices, the wearable device will become a trend of electronic products. It is expected that in the future, with the rapid spread of smart terminal mobile devices and the development of cloud technologies, people will use mobile services on a large scale in life, which will be the development of mobile content. Growing unlimited business opportunities.

At present, Zoetek is currently focusing on FDA's certification of medical materials to develop health watches. Introducing industry resources and concepts, and integrating senior housing, care centers, medical institutions, health care centers, etc. , to provide a comprehensive range of sound care systems. In addition to the health watch (Health Watch), there is also a multi-functional smart clothing, combined with the rear end platform, to build a peace of reassuring network. It is more feasible and effective to make the technology of enthusiasm for medical treatment.



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